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Welcome, welcome everyone! It’s week four and I am wishing it were only week two! Anyway, onward and forward to today’s post. Last week, I told you we would be focusing on the feng shui elements that I want to incorporate, so here we go.

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I actually had feng shui in my mind from the very beginning of the construction of our home and the Master bedroom. The placement of the bed right now is at its optimal spot(headboard in the East position). If it were placed on any other wall, it would either be sharing a wall with plumbing or directly facing a door which are all undesirable positions for feng shui.  However, my feng shui stopped there and now with this transformation that I am undertaking, it is important to add the missing feng shui elements. 

Famous Feng Shui Author

Last year, I had a virtual encounter with famous feng shui expert, Jayme Barrett.  I received a signed copy her bestselling book; Feng Shui Your Life which I reviewed here and here. I reached out to her to see if she could provide some tips specific to my space and she said sure! I was elated! I forwarded my pictures and told her about my design direction and feng shui desires for the space. I asked her a couple specific questions and I am going to share the questions and her answers with you:

Photo Oct 23, 12 00 13 AMpic from last week

Question 1. I have been reading about the "love corner" in your book. Is there a
recommended place for that in the bedroom?

Jayme’s Response: If you want to boost romance in your life, it's important to energize the
Love Center, which is the back right corner of your bedroom (from the
standpoint of the entrance of the room). So, in your bedroom, as you stand
looking at the bed, it will be under the right window. You can create a love
area on the right nightstand if you wish. In my book "Feng Shui Your Life,"
there are loads of ideas to put in your Love Center. I would definitely have
a living plant or live flowers, a symbol of love (a photo of you and your
hubby, a quote about love, a rose-quartz heart) and a pair of pink or red
candles. You could also hang a picture on the small wall above the
nightstand adjacent to the wall papered wall.

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Question 2. I am planning on placing a couple art pieces on the walls in the bedroom?
Do you have any recommendations on what types are best or what types to

Jayme’s Response: The best type of art for the bedroom should be images that evoke love,
passion and abundance. The most important area to hang art is directly
opposite your bed. It will be the last image you see before going to sleep
and the first you see when you wake. It sets the tone for your dreams and
for the beginning of your day. They should engender feeling of inspiration,
gratitude and love. Make sure both you and your husband love the artwork and
choose it together. You can also hang "manifestation art," which are images
of places you'd like to go or things you want to experience together. Let's
say you'd like to go to Italy, you could hang an image of the area of Italy
you dream about. This way, you both can envision being there together. It
can also be an image of a place you've already been to and had a wonderful
time. Your art can evoke happy, romantic memories, like your honeymoon.
Images of nature are soothing and restful.

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Photo Oct 22, 10 37 48 PM

Question 3. Are there any basic feng shui tips that can be used in the bedroom to
help to maintain romance and a hearty relationship for married couples like

Jayme’s Response: To maintain a healthy relationship, make sure you have cleared clutter
(which I know you have!), place items in pairs to evoke the energy of a
couple (two candles, two lamps, two photos etc), create balance by having a
nightstand on each side of the bed, hang romantic artwork, and keep work out
of the bedroom. Also, in feng shui, we suggest removing any photos of your
children or parents. It should be a romantic sanctuary for you and your
husband and the focus is on the relationship. You can place photos of the
kids everywhere else in the house. Also, add the colors of red and pink to
energize romance. I'm glad you are removing the television. When it's time
to be alone, it's better to connect romantically without the distraction of
the TV (smartphones and Ipads too)! Looking forward to seeing your finished

Thank you so much Jayme and I am so excited to incorporate these feng shui elements into my bedroom design! At the end of this overhaul, I will be able to say this. is. where. the. magic. happens! Haha! I hope these tips were also helpful to you all. Jayme’s book is an invaluable resource not only for feng shui but improving your quality of life. I refer to it all the time!


The room is finally completely painted.I am currently working on the wall opposite my bed, finalizing the art pieces that go there, etc. I bought a few pieces that will need to be framed. I did get that wingback chair from last week’s post and haven’t even bought fabric yet. Yikes! I will need another week for sure! Click here for week one’s post.

Ok, come with me to see what the others have accomplished so far!


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