Hello to my beautiful friends,I hope you all can celebrate a very important day with me. 


Yes there was a time 20 something years ago when my husband and I first met we were young and inexperienced but yet so happy we met. I remember when we began as strangers and then became friends now after 20 something yrs the countdown is on to our 20 yr wedding anniversary. Wow how time flies. I can’t believe were counting down a milestone somewhat of a highpoint NO! What is, a high point of our lives! I can’t tell you it was all smooth sailing in fact it wasn’t but nothing in this world worth having ever is. Nevertheless nothing could ever be as wonderful as the love my husband and I has for one another. I know this may sound corny but I’m so happy that we became one with each other. Like I mention earlier it wasn’t all easy but to the contrary it was work and still work in progress but like anything in life it’s not getting there it’s the journey of getting there. I enjoy the journey I’m taking with my husband.  Have there been moments I wish I can take back? Heck yea but I know it was those times which made us what we are today (stronger)!
 I’m sharing this moment with you because I think that as I get older and sure of myself I feel at ease sharing the positive and heck even the negative things in my life. I have reached a place where I can truly say I’m happy with me and I feel that finding who I am contribute to that but more importantly  when two people believe love’s forever It shows in the life they’ve created together no matter the road as long as they end up there jointly. So without further ado would you be so kind and count down my 20 yr anniversary with me?  Now as the countdown clicks down I will be sharing how we met, when we met, when we had our daughter, my anniversary wish list and how we stand together after 20 something years still to this day. Friends I realize this is an interior design blog but I hope you don’t mind sharing this part of my life with me as well. The clock starts now!

 August 22,1992 I was married. 
        Countdown to
August 22,2012 20 yrs married


 Check out this anniversary ticker I found on this cool site at the nest.com if you haven’t been to their site before it’s really a nice site about all things home and if you’re looking to track a special day I'm sure you can find it at the nest.com. Did you check out my 20 year wedding anniversary ticker above?

What to look forward to next!
How we Met?

What do you think? 
What do you think I should do for my special day?
What about you! What did you do for your 20yr or any year wedding anniversary?

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