have SOLD! 

They were one of the first things to sell this weekend at a market we did in Scottsdale.

While I secretly liked (OK kind of loved) them, I wasn't sure anyone else would, hence why I asked for you opinion.

And boy did you guys give it! 

With how many of you HATED them, I was ready to make a trip to Home Depot for some paint, but I decided to wait and see. 

And turns out people loved them.

Moral of the story #1:

Sometimes it pays not to be like everyone else.

While they could have been pretty painted and glazed...they wouldn't have been as unique. 

I don't want to be like everyone else; that's why I painted them like that. 

I wanted them to have an Anthropologie look.

I wanted them to look like something your grandma might have, but updated, eclectic and vintage.

I wanted them to be almost ugly so that when you looked at them you couldn't decide if you loved them or hated them. 

Moral of the story #2:

Be strong in your decisions and ideas. 

You are talented, and while we often do need advice and inspiration and friends to help us, ultimately you are the creator so make sure YOU love what you create. 


I am grateful for the thoughts and opinons you gave. 

And I'm grateful that you felt you could be so honest with me. 

It takes a real friend to do that. :) 


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