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I’ve often thought of what it would be like to live in California; the quintessential location for houses that are meticulously designed. Since living there is not an option, I spend a sinful amount of time perusing houses that are located there oohing and aahing at every detail. My obsession has not gone unnoticed. In fact, I was recently offered the opportunity to tour this home that I’m about to feature. Not virtually either, in person! I thought of purchasing a ticket just for that, but that thought could not be entertained for long. If only…

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The next best thing was to look at pictures of the home instead.  A home is even more enticing when there’s a story behind it. One of the most photographed homes in the Greater Los Angeles area, this home is nestled in sleepy little Ojai, California.  Developed by licensed Los Angeles architect and interior designer Kate Svoboda-Spanbock, the property was a nightmare to work with.  Long, narrow and sloping, the 1,600 square foot lot was studded with mature trees.  Working with a limited budget, the property was one of the toughest Svoboda-Spanbock had ever seen.  However, she was determined and  overcame all her obstacles to create this spectacular architectural gem that boasts lofty ceilings, beautiful windows that let in lots of natural light and create an organic connection with the lush outdoors.

I adore the Moroccan like design of the stairway

beautiful tile work and what a view!

A Before Pic
This is just to give you an idea of what the site looked like before. What a transformation, right? I can imagine the sense of accomplishment Kate must feel after tackling such a project and creating such a magical transformation. XX

{images: thanks Johanna}


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