Well I'm ready to tackle that old room redo project I call my dining room, I guess after living in my home for over 6 years and doing countless of other people homes I thought that it was finally time for me to get my honey to do list out.
So I decided to finally decorate my dinning room. So I was hoping you wouldn't mind going on that journey with me.  Now here's the deal I'm hoping this doesn't take me that long but as I'm always reminded there are always obstacle that gets in the way. And speaking of time what about the budget there is never a big enough one for all our wants so you can probably imagine that there will be some creative projects along the way or perhaps a lots of  thrifty finds. So with out further ado check out what the dining room looks like now.

This is my dining room today!!! I know, I know. Your probably saying whats wrong with it!! Well nothing accept the fact I never had the chance to decorate my space the way I wanted too. People always say to me whats wrong with it? "I say its not decorated its just staged".  As you can see I have my work cut out for me because if you think this is already nice I better have something good up my sleeves right?
Yellow walls
 "A lonely picture but it does pop with red"
 As you can see there is literally no art on this wall to be found, hmmmm I wonder how this wall will look after its all done?
 Look at the arched wall that looks into the kitchen- Well this was an actual wall when we first took over the house 6 yrs ago.I wish I had a pic to show you before it looked this good.
Do you think this Chandelier will stay? hmmm cant wait to find out......
 I love the table I think I'll keep it
That plant was so cute yrs ago when I bought it but my daughter apparently wanted to make me a  her own flower arrangement with the flowers from the plant. It was much fuller yrs ago.
 I think I'm going  miss how the room looks now- only because I love how light it is.
 So what about the chairs!!! Do you think they will stay? Let me tell you now they're going to stay but the question is are they going to look the same in the end? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

' I love this table' It will stay for sure!
The floors is my favorite part. My husband striped and stained all the floors throughout the house himself. I love how they turned out.
What about the curtains in the blinds will they stay? "Seems like I'm giving you a quiz or something :) but we'll have to wait and see if the blinds and curtains stay. Sorry peeps!!
How are we going to address this hallway from the dining-room? That should be interesting!

I love this part of the dining room!!! My husband and father-in-law made the shelf  themselves. This may be one of my favorite parts of the house.
Look at that wood isn't it lovely? Credit my father-in-law for knowing how to treat a good peace of wood. Thanks to my husband and his dad that I'm able to see from one room to the next. Thanks guys!!

Well that's it. I hope you’ll stick with me as I get this done its all work in progress but it makes it that much fun knowing you are going to be with me. Shout out to FFA Challenge #3: for motivating me to get this done. Thanks Mandy over at Vintage Revivals

 Please let me know what you think!

Let me know if these ideas are useful, and if there are other decorating ideas you'd like to read more about. Let’s make this official and please follow my blog for contentious updates "email me if you'd like to discuss ways to make decorating your home more effective."


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