Step 1. Be TOTALLY comfortable to go anywhere in crusty, paint covered sweats. 

Probably unshowered. Possibly with your teeth brushed. 

Step 2. Face it that your kiddo either looks about as put together as you do, or more often then not- better.

Step 3: Forget the bra. 

If you're like me it doesn't really matter anyway. 

Step 4: Wear a shirt that reminds you where you live and hence why it's a bazillion degrees in your garage. 

Step 5: Multitask and work on your soon-to-be-amazing dreadlocks with an awesome Mulan inspired nappy bun. 

Step 6: Roll your sweats up to make a fantastic waist band. 

 This will help prevent sweat pant shredding around your ankles. 

(Obviously, I learned this too late.) 

Step 7: Make sure your pants make your backside look completely nonexistent. 

You don't want to risk being to bootylicious while using primer.

Step 8: Skip painting your nails, and go for the hobbit/man foot look with a little overspray on your toes.

Step 9: Let your kiddo play with the hose while you work. 

He'll make mud, track it into the house and on to the carpet giving you a new DIY project. Woot!

Step 10: Debate whether you should actually shower when your little one takes a nap or watch the Bachelorette. 

Usually the Bachelorette wins for me. :)

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