I have a tendency to wear something “too much” when it is my favourite item. These green pants/capris are currently one of my faves and I have to restrain myself from reaching for them every time I am putting together an outfit to go somewhere.
In fact I was recently featured on the oh so stylish blog authored by the reknown fashionista, Tanvi and what was I wearing, yup, these caprisSmile. I think that was such a lovely gesture on her part as the picture was not of the best quality and the ones she posts are always magazine worthy! Thank you Tanvi!!

Ha ha! I was clearing the area of all of Zion’s toys before taking the pic. Check out our shed too-sexy isn’t it? We had it built and painted to match the house. It should be no surprise that the door is orange either! Also, guess what, I repainted the front door too. Yup, it’s no longer yellow, but we’ll talk about that in a separate post…

One more time…

You’ve probably figured out my now that these leopard pumps are also some of my faves too. I snapped this pic in my kitchen just before going out with my hubby on a date night; the first one since the birth of Zion! You can see by my grin that I am super excited! So, do tell, do you also tend to wear a favourite item over and over? XX


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